Sunday, December 6, 2015

oNe PhOtO a DaY: NoVeMbEr

wEeK oNe NoVeMbEr 2015


MONDAY 2nd FLAT: Our ground maybe one of the largest areas of flat ground in the whole of Thimphu

TUESDAY 3rd CUTLERY: one of the many odd things we brought to Bhutan after our summer break in Australia was this pack of plastic cutlery. I spotted them in a supermarket and knew we had a brunch for friends coming up when we returned so they would solve the lack of enough cutlery for 12 guests problem, in a fun way. Of course they are orange!

WEDNESDAY 4th CHILDHOOD: I can remember the first time I did cartwheels on the front lawn at home after weeks of trying. I did it at school at lunchtimes for weeks and loved that none of my friends could. I did with nieces and nephews at family gathering for decades. Every time I see kids doing it I want to do it too….. It was a right of passage in my childhood but I didn’t join this little champion on the grounds while wearing my kira. He looks like he is standing on his hands BUT it was a failed attempt at a cartwheel!

THURSDAY 5th 6 O’CLOCK: Having only just got in the door and finished the bucket washing, it was a little after 6 o'clock by the time I remembered today's prompt. Why is it that no 2 watches ever say exactly the same time?

FRIDAY 6th A FACE: Not so much a face as THE face of modern Bhutan. HM The Fourth King is largely considered responsible for dragging the nation into this century before abdicating to his son; the current monarch. Most of the nation is celebrating his 60th birthday with a 5-day break beginning tomorrow.

SATURDAY 7th A QUOTE: One of many laminated quotes I like to use with students. Sometimes I hang them in the classroom for discussion or motivation and on this occasion I plan to do some essay planning practise with this one and 12 more before exams commence in just over a week (hence the attached note)

SUNDAY 8th WOODEN: There are a lot of wooden elements in Bhutanese structures. This old, faded, intricately painted post, which is part of the fence around a prayer wheel at Wangditse Monastery is sure to be replaced as a part of the current reconstruction but I like it just the way it is.

wEeK tWo NoVeMbEr 2015


MONDAY 9th DISTRACTION: The perfect distraction from daily life. A walk in nature, a picnic and flying prayer flags to bless the birth of a dear friend's newborn daughter.

TUESDAY 10TH GOLDEN: The golden wheel of dharma representing the zero with a dragon as the 6. The symbol for the nation wide celebration of the Fourth King's to sixtieth birthday tomorrow

WEDNESDAY 11TH BLANK: I'm all ready for the exams with my continuous assessment scores tabulated and only the final exam column and the total column blank for all my classes. There is only one more day of teaching before finals begin. I also love colour coding all my class information to keep track of it!!!

THURSDAY 12TH CURLY: In a kingdom of straight haired people this prompt immediately made me think of Michael Leunig's beautiful character Mr Curly. This is a shot from the calendar that hangs at my desk at school and always makes me smile. Bhutanese colleagues also love it and one was quick to request to keep it once the year was over. The universality of humour

FRIDAY 13TH ONE WORD: In this case Druk.  Here in Bhutan it is the Dzongkha word for Dragon. It can be found in the country's name, the title of the monarch, an airline, a beer, plenty of hotels and guesthouses and even my school, which happens to be where this shot was taken.  

SATURDAY 14TH PEACE: There is nothing that makes me feel more at peace with the world than standing beneath the prayer flags and listening to the wind release their blessings on all. This archive shot is of the impressive display created by class 12 students in Rangjung in 2012 and it stood immediately outside my classroom at that time. I often took solace in their embrace. After events in the world today I would love nothing more than to be standing right there

SUNDAY 15TH FLYING: Although the official celebration of the Fourth King’s Birth Anniversary concluded in spectacular fashion last Wednesday (11/11), Thimphu city is still proudly decked out in national colours and thousands of flags are still flying.  I personally think the flag of Bhutan is an impressive design with the white dragon centred on an orange and yellow background

wEeK tHrEe NoVeMbEr 2015


MONDAY 16th BOTTLE: Just a mini bottle but oh how I wish there was more after the day I've had..... Exams are the bane of my life

TUESDAY 17th TRIANGLE: These coloured wool constructions are an essential part of rituals here in Bhutan and though I don’t know their name they consist of intricately tied patterns, which all seem to form triangles around a central stick

WEDNESDAY 18th FLORA: The autumn colours have barely had their day here in Thimphu but since winter is now upon us and today began with a frosty minus 2 degrees, the fleeting appearance of this beautiful flora needs to be appreciated now

THURSDAY 19th FAUNA: This is the famous animal emblem of Bhutan. More than just fauna the TAKIN is a national symbol. As far as I know the only takin park in the country is just up the road from where we live and I’ve never met anyone who has seen one in the wild. I still find them strange looking beasts

FRIDAY 20th ME: Me standing in the sunlight to thaw out before school and another busy day of paper correction and evaluation. Exam time is the bane of both students' and teachers' lives!!!!

SATURDAY 21st OLD + NEW: The stone walls of the old Changanhkha Temple with new paths, new steps and new lighting. This beautiful temple is just a stone’s throw from our home and visible from just about every window (until the construction next door is completed at least). It also features in the class IX novel, “Dawa: the story of a stray dog in Bhutan” I’ve taught several times in Bhutan.

SUNDAY 22nd COMPOSITION: COMPOSITION: As the temperatures plummet here in Bhutan my mind turns to the beach and this perfect sunset shot is calling me home or at least back to the beach

wEeK fOuR NoVeMbEr 2015


MONDAY 23rd CUT: Just as I cut the frittata for tonight's dinner I realised just how much cutting went into the roasted veggies and garlic bread as well

TUESDAY 24th GO: We certainly have plans to GO somewhere once our visas to work in Bhutan have been renewed but at this point where? Vietnam? Lao? Cambodia? All have their attraction

WEDNESDAY 25th STOP: This is the final assembly for classes 6- 8 today. As of now school has stopped for these students if not the teachers and holidays begin.

THURSDAY 26th THINGS I’M GRATEFUL FOR: I'm grateful to live the life I do, having a job I adore and in a country I have come to love. Fingers crossed that the expiry date on this will soon say 2017........  

FRIDAY 27th THIS HAPPENED: This happened today: for those of you who don't speak Bhutanese text talk It means I got my working visas for 2016 approved today Soooooooo happy!!! Nicely matched to yesterday’s gratefulness I must say!

SATURDAY 28th FENCE: The huge fence which surrounds the grounds at my school. It's a rare event for a ball to go over this one

SUNDAY 29th BLACK: A black-faced demon a detail from the wooden window frame of the temple near our home. Not sure about the significance

wEeK fIvE NoVeMbEr 2015


MONDAY 30th FIRE: Every morning our Deputy Principal strikes a match and with a small fire ignites the local incense powder that purifies her office and the school. A beautiful Buddhist practise I love to witness as I did this morning

TUESDAY 1ST COMMUNITY: I am feeling relieved and blessed to have discovered today that I get to be a part of the Druk Community for at least another year. Both my work permit and visa were renewed today and I'm sponsoring a morning tea for the whole staff tomorrow to celebrate. I can't think of a community of educators I would rather belong to right now

WEDNESDAY 2ND PASTEL: Three of us at school have committed to taking up this challenge next year and to having a jar opening and sharing party to review our year, so I decided to create us each a jar to collect and conceal our  joyful experiences until the end of the year. The first one is pastel…

THURSDAY 3RD BEHIND: Right behind me and over my left shoulder sitting at my newly cleaned, tidied and organised workspace

FRIDAY 4TH THREE THINGS I’D TAKE TO A DESERT ISLAND:- because there is no excuse for not keeping in touch

 SATURDAY 5TH MY HERO: My handsome, husband is my hero! We have so much in common and in other ways we are exact opposites. For every emotional outburst, anxiety attack, panic inducing reality, over reacting worry and perceived crisis on my part he is the calm, reasoned voice of sanity. 


SUNDAY 6TH I SPY: I spy with my little eye a holiday in the horizon ...... Not that I think I'll make it to Europe this time round

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