Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The restorative effects of picnicking and nature -A PHOTO ESSAY

I always struggle with exam time: the lack of contact with students, the ever-changing timings, the pressure to complete the marking within tight deadlines, my own obsession with quality correction and the desire to see my students do well. I made up my mind I would mentally prepare myself for this stressful and discouraging time this year, by beginning it with a calm and collected state of mind and all administrative tasks complete.

As we were privileged to get a 4 day break just before the final 2 days of teaching I decided to try to quiet my mind, blow the cobwebs out of my routine thinking, energize myself and create some inner peace in those few days, in the hope that it would hold me in good stead for the 2-week exam period ahead. Of course Swifty was also on board. Although the break was really the culmination of the year long celebration of the Fourth King’s Sixtieth Birth Anniversary we chose to forgo those special events and instead relax, unwind, refuel and replenish our sense of aesthetics.  We took to preparing delicious picnic lunches each morning and hiking in local places of renown scenic and natural beauty to consume them. Both these pass times bring us immense pleasure and we managed not to come to blows over who would create the day’s cuisine.

Now on day 3 of the exam period the sense of serenity and contentment we deliberately cultivated has largely evaporated and I guess that means my original objective failed but the following photo essay attempts to bring it back to mind and reassure us such inspiration is just outside the door even here in the big smoke………

DAY ONE – WANGDITSE : easy hike and delicious Japanese style lunch

DAY TWO – HIKING TRAIL NEAR BUDDHA POINT: flying prayer flags for Jessica’s newborn daughter

DAY THREE : rest those tired feet and admire the spectacle of the capital in festive mode. Actually clocked up the most kilometres (17) on this venture

DAY FOUR – TANGO MONESTARY AND UNIVERSITY OF BUDDHIST STUDIES : well worn and spectacular walking path up to the gods.


  1. Beautiful as miss the sights & sounds of Bhutan!

    1. We are so busy Julia we need to remind ourselves that now is the time to take a break and appreciate the splendour of it all