Friday, March 31, 2017

oNe PhOtO a DaY MaRcH 2017


WEDNESDAY 1st SOMETHING BLUE: We were wandering the laneways for one final time today when it occurred to me that this street art is not only something blue but looks almost three dimensional. Hosier Lane is still my favorite with the most diverse and most frequently inundated collection. Thumbs up for Melbourne

THURSDAY 2nd MY BREAKFAST: I was on the first leg of our Air China flight to the states this morning and my breakfast looked like this

FRIDAY 3rd UPSIDE DOWN: Maybe we just turned upside down from Southern Hemisphere to northern and from autumn to spring but I still fell right side up

SATURDAY 4th CONTRAST: The West Rose window of the National Cathedral with the light shining through it so brightly the white stone work appears black. The contrast between the view from the outside and the view from the inside couldn’t be starker

SUNDAY 5th A PICTURE OF ME: It summarises me! This is a picture of me in Washington DC and I do wonder if I belong in this neighbourhood but I'm glad to be challenging myself

MONDAY 6th IN THE AIR: The obelisk type sculpture with antennae up in the air is located in the front of the National Air and Space Museum. I spotted it today when we were in The National Mall for the first time this trip 

TUESDAY 7th ON: There were no tickets available ONline so we got ON the metro early, to get tickets released ON the day for the Yayoi Kusama "Infinity Mirrors" Exhibition. Her art was displayed ON the walls, ON the floors, ON screens and even we appeared in the mirrors. What an amazing experience

WEDNESDAY 8th FAVE PART OF MY DAY: was definitely taking advantage of the warm sunny weather in Rock Creek National Park and hiking the Boulder Bridge Trail and Milkhouse Ford Trail. Thanks for the recommendation Mark LaPrairie

THURSDAY 9th MINIATURE:  I really struggled with this prompt today. Here in America it seems to me everything is supersized and enormous. We stopped for coffee in Washington's Georgetown District in the afternoon and I received a huge latte, but Ian's espresso came in a miniature cup and was only half full. That really was a miniature coffee. Nonetheless we were both happy with our choices

FRIDAY 19th DRAW: The language teacher’s response to this one... I can't draw

SATURDAY 11th TWO TONE: In the American Indian Museum today the photographs of Horace Poolaw were a captivating two tone insight into the experience of growing up in the 1930s and 1940s as an Indian in Oklahoma

SUNDAY 12th GLASS: My giant glass of gin and tonic on a beautiful glass plate from Peru, on a black glass table. Just a few of the stunning aspects of this Washington apartment

MONDAY 13th HORIZON: Even on the viewing platform of the sixth floor of the Newseum, there was very little horizon visible due to the impressive structure of The Capitol Building

TUESDAY 14th IN MOTION: We took refuge from the snow storms in Newseum today and while these displays were not in motion the way they were displayed allowed you to see the motion they were once capable of

WEDNESDAY 15th OVER: The geometric patterns of the reflection of the glass and steel roof over the James D. Wolfensohn Atrium in the World Bank Building where we visited a friend from Bhutan days today

THURSDAY 16th KEY: First day in NYC and Anthony's beautiful Harlem apartment. Found this incredible "church key" in the kitchen. A term I learnt in Ireland in the 1980's. Do you know what it is?

FRIDAY 17th OFF CENTRE: The view from the 14th floor apartment on 145th Street where we are staying has an excellent perspective of downtown Manhattan albeit slightly off centre. I do love the contrast of the park and steam from the boilers though!

SATURDAY 18th DAILY: We are of no fixed address and travelling with little prospect of acquiring jobs (our pre-tirememt) so the daily routine is a thing of the past, but since arriving in NYC 3 days ago we have walked through these doors and across this foyer (lobby) in the Hillview Towers daily if not several times daily 

SUNDAY 19th ORANGE: I'm a big fan of the colour orange as is obvious from my hair, jacket, bag and laces and we just happen to be staying on the orange subway line in NYC at the moment. Thanks to Ian for taking the picture for me

MONDAY 20th WALL: The back walls of the ubiquitous NYC brown stones with their fire escapes are the quintessential NYC image. Since posting this is have discovered that these are more likely to be front walls but still walls nonetheless

TUESDAY 21st BUTTON: My brand new black denim jeans with only the button telling what the brand is. I hate clothes that advertise their labels and due to this prompt realised that I have very few winter clothes with buttons

WEDNESDAY 22nd STRIPES: Just one of the over the top souvenirs in the World Trade Centre Observatory today when we took advantage of the clear blue skies and sunshine whilst simultaneously avoiding the winds and freezing temperatures. Stars and Stripes are the symbol of America

THURSDAY 23rd ANYTHING: Not just anything, this is the Chrysler Building up close and personal. Still the most striking of all NYC’s landmarks as far as I am concerned and today’s stunning blue skies only made it more of a stand out attraction 

FRIDAY 24th STARTS WITH N: It just has to be the New York night lights and skyline from uptown in Harlem. I just love these views

SATURDAY 25th HALF: a world away from where I was born and grew up. Marvelling at just how small the world really is today. Glad to have been able to see as much of it as I have and still hoping to expand the boundaries

SUNDAY 26th AROMA: An enticing aroma always emanates from the street carts and vendors' vans in NYC. All that charcoal grilling and warm bread and pretzels are the culprits. Thus far we've succeeded at not indulging and have continued to eat healthily

MONDAY 27th A QUIET MOMENT: Every afternoon or early evening when we walk back through the door to this living room in Anthony's apartment in NYC, I like to spend a quiet moment thinking over what we did during the day and feeling grateful for the opportunity to stay here and discover more about this amazing city

TUESDAY 28th SHARP: Due to it being a wet and windy day, we chose to go to the American Museum of Natural History today and there was no shortage of teeth, claws, antlers and horns that all fit the sharp prompt but these white rhinoceros in one of the African mammals dioramas won the day for sharpest of all 

WEDNESDAY 29th FLOATING: An enlightened Buddha sitting in the lotus position and floating above the open lotus bloom. This is a detail of a huge piece from the "Voice of the Thunder Dragon" exhibition currently hung on Bowery on the Lower Eastside of Manhattan. I believe it is a work by Gyempo Wangchuk but I am not completely sure as the work of four artists from Bhutan was in the exhibition

THURSDAY 30th STARTS WITH P: Painting starts with P and we saw this one today at the Fraunces Tavern Museum with a mission to create an appreciation of the Colonial History, American Revolutionary War and the Early Rebublic. It depicts Washington in conference with the British to settle the terms of the British evacuation after their defeat. Dunsmore was the artist 

FRIDAY 31st NUMBERS: It's wet and windy outdoors today and that has put paid to our usual minimum of at least 10 kilometres a day on foot. The subways have enabled us to get out and home a couple of times and the numbers of the streets and avenues allowed us to navigate so that we spend the minimum time in the rain