Saturday, February 7, 2015

Grateful and appreciative.

For the last week and a half there has been a dark cloud hanging over us as we became more and more concerned about our visas to return to Bhutan. It began with me hearing that visas were not being approved due to the large number of unemployed Bhutanese B. Ed graduates. OK I get that. At first we responded by just continuing to believe it would happen. We had already leased an apartment and set it up, outlaying funds to ensure that on our return we could comfortably arrive and get straight into the routine of resuming work and teaching.

Ian’s recent news that his school had secured his visa inspired me to believe that it would also be possible for me and helped us to make the decision to continue with our plan to travel to Bangkok as the transit point for our return. My visa has since been refused but there is one final hope. Throughout this entire process I have remained optimistic, positive and hopeful and I am still am but this has given me cause to contemplate and really look at what is important to me.

So, what do I appreciate and feel grateful for …….

1. …a few close family members, especially a gorgeous sister and group of friends who really support, encourage and understand me.

2. ….the blessing of a soul mate, who shares my hopes and ambitions, enjoys my company and many of the same hobbies and is committed to travelling to expand our worldview and just happens to be my best friend and husband.

3. …..the extraordinary good fortune of having been born in a country that is diverse, democratic, resource rich and often considered lucky and always having lived in non-violent conditions and peaceful times.

4. ….the free government education that gave flight to my dreams.

5. ….the challenges and opportunities that have shaped my life because I have chosen to follow my heart and always grown from each of them.

6. ….the privilege and honour of not just working but being passionate about the work that I do and feeling that I truly make a difference.

7. ….always having food on the table and enough respect to take an active interest in what I eat, how it is prepared and what impact that can make. 

8. ….the good health, active lifestyle and happiness that have enabled me to remain optimistic, and confident about both myself and the outcomes of my endeavors.

9. ….the joy of having touched a great many lives, in an incredible number of countries and societies and allowed them to enter my heart.

10. ….the unmistakable pleasure of having made strong and lasting connections to a hugely divergent cultures ……. Right now that tie to Bhutan and the need to return is so urgent I have nothing but faith to guide me into the future and on our journey.

As I await the bureaucratic decision which will determine our next step I can only believe that that faith will be rewarded and we will be given one last chance to contribute to the Bhutanese education system and expand the already strong bond we feel to former students and to include more in that circle of love and understanding.