Thursday, December 31, 2015

oNe PhOtO a DaY: DeCeMbEr

wEeK oNe DeCeMbEr 2015


MONDAY 7th LANDSCAPE: This is a landscape I know well but I have never before seen from above. Taken on the 25-minute flight from Thimphu to Bumthang

TUESDAY 8TH ORGANISED: Our librarians are so organised. Now that the students aren't at school, all available bench space in the library is covered in the beautifully presented book prizes for Award Day on Sunday. They have been doing this since last week and it's not finished yet. So many books in this the Reading Year in Bhutan

WEDNESDAY 9TH FAMILY: My family are so far away (10,000+ kms) but these are some of the most precious and most dear to my heart members of it Some are missing but this is a memorable shot in my favourite market in the  whole world

THURSDAY 10TH TOY: Although there aren't any children in our house, we do have a few simple toys and I have always been a big fan of the kind of toy you have to operate manually and requires imagination not electronics

FRIDAY 11TH FREE CHOICE: Free choice. Although these will definitely taste better after they have aged a little. It was our choice to taste test the mini muffin size traditional Xmas cakes we baked last night as afternoon tea. Verdict - Delicious!!!

SATURDAY 12TH EXERCISE: We try to walk 10 kms every day add 72 of these stairs up to our apartment here in Thimphu, sometimes several times a day and that about sums up the exercise routine

SUNDAY 13TH NOON: I was official photographer at our school Annual Award Day today and had no control over what shot I would be taking at noon. However it seems at about noon the General Manager of Galingkha Group of Companies was awarding Kinley with a 2-year scholarship for classes IX & X at the Druk School in 2016 and 2017 based on her academic achievement and contribution to the culture and ethos of the school.
wEeK tWo DeCeMbEr 2015


MONDAY 14th TIME: Having worked almost all day yesterday we got a reprieve and I didn't have to start until 1pm today so unusually this morning I had time in my hands

TUESDAY 15TH ACCESORY: Accessory: my favourite accessory and the one I wear most often - my Pandora bracelet

WEDNESDAY 16TH CUDDLY: Not too many cuddly items in our house but I do like to have a few cuddly koala clips on hand if kids turn up

THURSDAY 17TH YELLOW: National Day in Bhutan today! The tempting yellow pack of a new product on the market here and a delicious one is the yellow that came to mind

FRIDAY 18TH STEPS: These traditional steps leading to our upstairs apartment in a beautiful rammed earth house were always a hazard and my husband is still recovering from the accident which saw him fall from the top step to the concrete below 18 months ago!! Lovely to look at but be cautious climbing

SATURDAY 19TH WRITING Class 8 annual plan for 2016 written and colour coded. Only a skeleton of class 10 done but today being the first day of the holidays I've got plenty of time before I need it so I didn't do any writing at all.

SUNDAY 20TH I LOVE DOING THIS: travelling to new places and experiencing a different way of life. Today we travelled south to Tsholingkhar in Tsirang for the first time

wEeK tHrEe DeCeMbEr 2015


MONDAY 21st JOY: Such a joy to meet with our old neighbours from Rangjung days today. Over a year and a half since we last saw each other. Thanks and photo credit to Anjana for capturing us all together

TUESDAY 22nd TREE: Made it to the southern border town of Gelephu and what do we find but Australian Eucalyptus trees. Now it really feels like Xmas

WEDNESDAY 23rd DECORATION: These intricately painted forward-facing dragons are commonplace decorations on supporting pillars all across Bhutan and this particular one is on a simple hotel in Gelephu

THURSDAY 24th LIGHTS: An improvised attempt with at Christmas candle lights for the table on Xmas Day

FRIDAY 25th MAKES ME FEEL MERRY: Cooking up a storm and inviting friends to dinner always makes me merry. The rare treat of red wine also added to the merriment

SATURDAY 26TH BEST BIT OF MY WEEK: has been meeting new friends and old for social gatherings over food.  Not once in the past week have we eaten alone. This is what holidays are all about. The time to stop and enjoy the simple things

SUNDAY 27th WHERE I ATE A MEAL TODAY: Where I ate a meal today is less remarkable than with whom. So many new and old friends are in the capital right now and so there are many opportunities to catch up with events from the past year before we all go our separate ways for the winter break. I also love that I only remembered to take the shot when the plates are almost empty

wEeK fOuR DeCeMbEr 2015


MONDAY 28TH SOMETHING AWESOME: The hike up to Tango Monastery and the beautiful, blue, winter skies and sunshine with time to appreciate and excellent company was something pretty awesome today

TUESDAY 29TH SPARKLY: This is an archive shot of the cyclo drivers who ply their trade in Melaka Malaysia. Their bikes are the sparkliest things I have ever seen

WEDNESDAY 30TH THE WEATHER TODAY: was clear, sunny and windy enough to flap the prayer flags in Kuenselphodrang Nature Park, where we went hiking

THURSDAY 31ST CELEBRATIONS: Our celebration began a little early but it is hard to resist the rare treat of red wine. Happy New Year We hope that you are blessed with happiness, hope and adventure in the coming year. Tashi Delek!

Seems that the last week has been nothing but food and wine but it's the time of year for it. Twice I mentioned the  rare treat of red wine and then it is in 3 photos in one week! Just for the record that is three of the six bottles we have had all year!

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