Monday, October 31, 2016

oNe PhOtO a DaY oCtObEr 2016

oNe  PhOtO  a  DaY oCtObEr 2016


SATURDAY 1st YELLOW: The silhouette of the prayer flags flying at Chelela (the highest road pass in Bhutan), as seen through a bright yellow flag at 9am this morning

SUNDAY 2nd BLUE: The brilliant blue wooden shutters of a shop window in Haa, Bhutan contrast sharply with the fade window designs

MONDAY 3rd PURPLE: Some beautiful purple Bhutanese textiles and the purple logo of the business card of a dear friend who is visiting us right now and loving the adventure and the photogenic aspects of the kingdom and its culture 

TUESDAY 4th WHITE: We spent a lovely day in in artisan quarter in Thimphu and this rendition of the White Tara or Goddess of Compassion struck my fancy

WEDNESDAY 5th RED: One of the masks used in Tshechu Dances on display at an art outlet

THURSDAY 6th GREEN: We woke up in this green garden setting at Kichu Resort Wandue this morning

FRIDAY 7th GREY: The slate grey rock face supporting the most iconic destination in Bhutan, which was our destination today. It’s 3,000 metres up and a wonderful way to appreciate the Buddhist perspective on life.  Fabulous achievement on an auspicious day. Feeling blessed to be a Taktshang

SECOND CHOICE : We spotted a huge troop of these grey langurs yesterday on the drive back to Thimphu from Wangdue. They are so agile and playful in the treetops and were such a delight to see even if it is not the greatest photo

SATURDAY 8th ORANGE: The warm orange light and orange glow of the brass butter lamps burning is a truly beautiful Bhutanese image

SUNDAY 9th PINK: Pretty pink packages of local incense available at the duty free shop in the departure lounge of Paro Airport

MONDAY 10th BLACK: Bhutan has an ongoing love affair with chillies and these local Bumthang, black chillies are a real blessing

TUESDAY 11th AQUA: The conch shell decorations almost always include coral and turquoise or chips of turquoise stones, which I think are aqua in colour

WEDNESDAY 12th BROWN: is the predominant colour in many features of Bhutanese architecture

THURSDAY 13th GOLD: This symbol is synonymous with Buddhism and it is almost always portrayed in gold. I really don't know exactly what it means but to me it means Buddhism. It is from the walls of Tamshing Lhakhang and was taken in the rain yesterday as today we are in limbo waiting for the roads to be cleared before any buses can leave

FRIDAY 14th SILVER: Almost every restaurant / noodle joint in Bhutan has this threesome and usually in silver of the stainless steel variety. What do they contain? MSG, Chilli in one form or another and Sichuan Pepper popularly know as thingye here

SATURDAY 15th FAVE COLOUR: I love every shade of orange and this cascade of orange dahlias, on the wall in the main street in Trongsa grabbed my attention this morning, even though we were totally preoccupied with the fact that we are stranded and have been trying to get home to Thimphu for 3 days now. Instead we are back in Bumthang where we started out yesterday morning

SUNDAY 16th RAINBOW: The spectacular rainbow colours of the weaving in one of the most expensive and elaborate styles of Kira worn at festivals and other special occasions here in Bhutan

MONDAY 17th TREE: The magnificent Bodhi tree which graces the courtyard of the Punakha Dzong. This is the species of tree under which Buddha gained enlightenment. They frequently grace the inner courtyards or temple surrounds. This one is enormous and spectacularly impressive. 

TUESDAY 18th POSITIVE VIBES: When I want to create good vibes I fly prayer flags. These are the most recent ones I flew on Chelela, which is the highest road pass in Bhutan. They were flown to bless a dear fiend's baby. I know I will sorely miss this ritual when we leave

WEDNESDAY 19th FOOD: Great Indian food tonight at a place new to us and well worth returning to. The AV on the main drag in Thimphu and frequented by expat Indians

THURSDAY 20th RIGHT NOW: You know you are doing something right when first thing in the morning a class ten student begins with "May I come in.?" And follows up with a whispered "chocolate....." then deposits this on your desk with a wicked grin and wanders away!!! Wow Thanks Karma. I feel great right now 

FRIDAY 21st STUFF: This is one of the little traditional bags I carry daily. Remarkably it can hold all the stuff, which I think I need to have about my person as a teacher. Displayed are the contents today

SECOND CHOICE: This black stuff is impossible to come by in Bhutan and our supply ran out months ago but a visiting teacher from Adelaide gave me these two tubes today and the final 3 months just got a whole lot easier

SATURDAY 22nd CHOCOLATE: Handmade, homemade chilli chocolate from the Himalayas

SUNDAY 23rd WISH: I often wish it was Sunday - the only work free day in Bhutan. And if my wish came true I would spend it just as I did today. Visiting the market, chilling in Ambient Cafe and cooking up a storm with the market purchases: spicy pumpkin soup, salad with konbu garnish and roasted veggies (stained purple by the sensational Bhutanese tree tomatoes they were roasted with)

MONDAY 24th BLANK: I always select greeting cards that are blank so I can personalise the message for any occasion. Of course the image is important too

TUESDAY 25th TOGETHER: Treepies together at twighlight

WEDNESDAY 26th MY COUNTRY: Despite the fact I live in Bhutan and it often feels like home, it's Australia that is really my country and at the beach where I feel most like I have now arrived home

THURSDAY 27th LEAF: The deep green and intricate patterning of a hydrangea leaf up close

FRIDAY 28th SPOON: Both options are in my desk at school available for use with my packed lunch. However I choose the chopsticks over the spoon every time but I lend the spoon to both students and staff regularly

SATURDAY 29th FASHION: Teenage fashion Bhutanese style. Saturday is the day you can dress casual if there are activities at school and the fashion sense emerges

SUNDAY 30th STAR: Having been camping all weekend, arriving home to a clean house, freshly laundered sheets, a delicious dinner and ingredients for a burrito and salad lunch including a 5 star chocolate treat, I know without a doubt my husband is the real star. However my packed lunch with a chocolate pick me up will be very welcome

MONDAY 31st BUCKET LIST: We bought this apartment new in 2013 and it has always been rented out. For now we are happy to live abroad but ..... it's on the bucket list to one day live here