Sunday, June 2, 2013

oNe PhOtO a DaY fOr MaY


1 I BOUGHT THIS: beautiful African fabric locally

2 MORNING RITUAL: Morning assembly for the students by the students at Orkeeswa Secondary School

3 THIS IS REALLY GOOD: The Cultural Heritage Centre in Arusha –shaped like a drum, a spear and a shield and containing an awesome collection of African art, artefacts & photos.

4 IN MY CUP: The coffee plant growing and the final product both in cups at Musumbi’s CafĂ© Arusha

5 PAPER: The ingenious method we have of keeping the toilet paper dry and at hand in a squat toilet that leaks whenever the water is running (thankfully that is not often)

6 BROKEN: The plastic chair that broke when Ben was leaning backwards on it at dinnertime

7 SOMETHING BEGINNING WITH F: Friends having fun together

8 SHAPE: the shape of the African boma - so many of our students live in them

9 A SNACK: a snack pack I made for a friend about to leave Tanzania for Boston, via Kenya, South Africa and Ireland

10 STARS: There are 3 of these stars on the roof of the mosque in Monduli

11 A SMILE: even when doing the most mundane chores at study camp after school Eliapenda always has a smile to share.

12 MOTHER: some of the best mothers I have ever met I honour you all

13 SUNRISE/SUNSET: A beautiful sunset from a favourite beach in Australia (not taken today)

14 NEED: I need to go back to this place It is one of my favourite places from our 2 years in Bhutan (also not taken on the day)

15 7’OCLOCK: in the morning and we have been loading gas bottles into the Landy and out again. At least the students will get a hot lunch!

16 MAILBOX: in Monduli Post Office

17 SEASON: Right here right now it is netball season Orkeeswa girls did very well

18 WANT: I have wanted a haircut for the last month Finally did it today!

19 MY FAVOURITE VIEW: Mt Meru peeping through the clouds on a clear morning at school

20 LIGHT: No electricity but cooking dinner by candlelight

21 I CARE ABOUT THIS: The environmental, social, and ecological state of our world

22 CHANGE: the small change in my pocket at the end of the day

23 PJs: I can’t remember the last time I wore PJs but I don’t always sleep naked

24 GO: yesterday it was decided we would GO and today we are deciding where and when to go. Leaving Africa….

25 US: in happier times in Washington earlier this year

26 FAV THING TO DO ON SUNDAY: Cook up a storm and share a meal with friends especially if we can all eat outside.

27 CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT:  coffee- growing and ripening just outside our door

28 WHAT YOU’RE DOING NOW: Standing outside the PO with the box we have been waiting expectantly for – treats galore and very happy to see it!

29 KISS: Still very much in love 29 years down the track!

30 TOOL: my preferred eating “tool” and the delicious stir-fry I got to eat with them. (using Japanese chopsticks to eat Chinese food in an African setting!)

31 FOUR THINGS: 4 of the most positive memories of Tz - views of Mt Meru, Orkeeswa students, Maasai & beers at Green View


  1. Hi Vicky, loved looking through your photos for the month - documenting the passing time in Africa - and now back to Asia. Loved the smiling photo of Eliapenda, and the star on the mosque. The sunset photo looks very familiar to me - Gold Coast??

    1. Yes Eliapenda is just one of the stunning students at Orkeeswa She always has a smile and a cheery outlook The sunset is Glenelg Beach South Australia

  2. Hi there,
    Can you tell me where you have taken the photo#14. Look awesome

  3. It is in Bartsham Very near Rangjung and easy to get to We visited a few times and walked home from there but got a taxi up It is really pretty and what I imaged Bhutan would look like before I got there!

    1. Thanks Vicky,
      I will try to get to that spot to grab that nice photo. :)