Thursday, May 2, 2013

oNe PhOtO a DaY fOr ApRiL


1 PLAY: still able to play in the dirt with nothing but their imaginations to inspire them, but a funny looking white woman is a definite distraction!

2 BLUE: An iridescent blue-shouldered, white –bellied sunbird against a pale blue African sky.

3 SOMETHING BEGINNING WITH A: A is for Arusha with its landmark clock tower.

4 THIS HAPPENED TODAY: at the one and only set of traffic lights in Arusha where almost anything goes in traffic terms.

5 SOMETHING GOOD: only goats could think that these scary thorn bushes were something good to eat!

6 AIR: open air butchers in Monduli Juu

7 DREAMY: Such a dreamy look in her eyes- What are her aspirations?

8 ON YOUR PLATE: Chipsi MaYai local treat of an omelette made with chips

9 TINY: This 2-day old kid born prematurely on the school campus is tiny

10 A PLACE: a place we see daily from behind the library, but have yet to walk to.

11 DETAIL: the detail of the mud we struggle through everyday to get to school

12 IN THE MIDDLE: in the middle of the journey to school today we had to stop to rebuild the road where it had washed away overnight.

13 VIEW FROM YOUR BED: the mosquito net we use every night

14 WATER: The water tank that services the 2 volunteer houses and 6 volunteers- note the rock to stop drips and the ingenious stitch and melt repair.

15 ALONE: This African grass owl was discovered in the library all alone – was it perhaps reading up to add to its wisdom?

16 YOUR FAVOURITE COLOUR: These orange birds were the first to catch my attention because orange is my favourite colour.

17 BUSY: Orkeeswa students busy repairing chairs in the “fix it” activity

18 HELLO! One doesn’t need language to know what these kids are calling out as we pass. 

19 BUTTON: This ‘button is pinned to the notice board in our arts faculty staffroom

20 ON YOUR MIND: My home class XC in Bhutan in 2011 and 2012. They are often on my mind. I miss them and wonder where life has taken them

21 FIRE: the cooking fire and the dinner being prepared on it at one of our student’s bomas yesterday

22 BLURRY: Andrew’s blurry hand as he defeats the students at cards, yet again in activity time- I love that the headmaster is also watching on from the doorway

23 TIME: to build nests, feed the young and welcome them into this weaverbird community in a large tree outside the Form 4 classroom!

24 I SAW THIS PERSON TODAY: While visiting a student at her home I saw her shy little brother watching us but too afraid to join us

25 LIFE IS …….. all about “ugali”( the white stodge) - a rather unappetizing maize staple served twice a week as school lunches and eaten much more often than that by the locals!

26 CHILDHOOD: is not always smiles and laughter especially when it is happening to you- little Sophie

27 EARTH: African Earth after just 3 days without rain the mud has turned to this cracked and parched surface already

28 MY SUNDAY: Watching Suzi dress Melanie in a Maasai Shuka

29 I WORE THIS TODAY: and almost every day for the last 4 months : the memories attached make it hard to remove

30 GLASSES: I could never read, teach or hike without this 3 pack of glasses (displayed on a beautiful Maasai Shuka)

This is the summary for April.

Please feel free to comment if you have a favourite or a question about any of these images


  1. I am surprised that there are so many images of goats and birds but then again that is true of where we live. I just didn't realise that those photos dominated until I saw them all together!

  2. I love seeing your photos Vicky - I love that we have the same prompts but two different worlds to take them of. We are so loving our Bhutan experience at the moment, our mind wanders to ideas of working in other places in the future, I can see now why you pursue this unusual lifestyle. Look forward to next month's pics xx