Sunday, May 12, 2013

A walk through Monduli in the wet (a photo essay)

Right now there is an ample supply of water not that it often flows through our taps but the local environment in Monduli is verdant and tropical looking.

This is not the landscape we expected when we first came here. Africa conjured up very different images in my mind and I know that this is not the norm but having arrived in the rainy season we have been given a false impression of just how lush and green this landscape is.

I know that we should be savoring this now as it will not last but at the same time it looks exactly as it always has to me as I have never seen the dry season.

The flashes of colour that the hedge plants and flowers provide break up the seas of green that wash over the land.

Gardens are blooming and as soon as the views open up and blue skies arrive, it is hard for me to believe that it will not always look exactly like this.

With this is mind I have taken to photographing the beauty of the current scenery in the hope that the subtle changes that are barely perceptible on a daily basis will stand in stark contrast to this current impression in a few months’ time.

I suspect the main street and back streets are always going to be pretty much the same but they are still new to us and we enjoy exploring them and discovering new places. There are some unexpected contrasts in construction within just a few metres of each other

Right now the mud created when the torrential rains occur completely changes the surface of the back roads and the accessibility of everything. However within only a few hours, after the sun comes out there are dry cracked paths and it seems impossible the mud caked to our shoes could ever have existed. 

Probably the seasonal fields of flowers, we are told are being grown for their seeds will also disappear in time but right now they are spectacularly beautiful and add a welcome warmth to the landscape.

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  1. Beautiful photos. That last one is spectacular. I totally know what you mean about how the sun can so quickly dry up that mud. Scott and I have many happy memories of staying dry out of the rain under a tree, and inches of caked mud on our shoes - ah, the rainy season. Enjoy the lush landscape.