Monday, June 20, 2011

Monastery celebrations

2 weeks of holidays officially started today but since I am still marking and probably will be for the next week!!! I thought that I would post some photos of the Parinirvana in our local monastery last Wednesday. It was a welcome break from the exam routine last week.

We were happy to be streaming into the Lakhang with the entire school cohort from RHSS

Ian needed a bit of assistance with his kupney but Kinzang was happy to help out

Not long after we had chosen our vantage point we were spotted in the crowd and moved to the red carpet zone where kneeling or sitting cross legged would be required but we complied and dreaded that moment when we would all be expected to stand on command! We survived it and got a birds eye view.

The stage was set.....

The fanfare commenced.....

Buddha's life story was told and the ritual began.

The procession allowed for the faithful to participate

And there was no shortage of volunteers

Many a student wanted to carry the sacred texts and be blessed by having them touch their heads.....

The procession was spectacular and the conch shell players really incredible!

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