Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gems from the exam papers

Panorama of Rangjung viewed from above Ian's school 

Don't get me wrong we love Rangjung but it is now time for a much needed break and  an escape to see beyond Trashigang district.

After a prolific amount of marking and at the end of the first week of the holidays the exams are finally marked. Before I realised that this was going to take more than 100 hours I was writing down some of the gems that appeared in our papers. However by the 6th class bundle I was firmly focused on an end to the whole process and the fastest way to get there, with some time left to travel.

Here are a few of the more amusing statements made from various class levels. I will leave you to imagine what the question which inspired such wisdom, might have been.

No names and no classes to protect the guilty!

"Prevent is butter than curve." 

"By now he tries to turn into a leaf." 

"Geologists create mountains. I think it is a good job because we can create lots of mountains in our world."

"He has hair erected and dress being worn clumsily" 

"The next morning when it was time for morning assembly all the children were surprised to see their principal with a flowning face and on the other side he was carrying a discipline wand in his hand."
(A case of too much Harry Potter I think)

"The morphemes can help us to understand words have not seen before hearing the sound of the meaning in knowledge."

"They might die themself."

"If we are punctual any accident or incident will not happen to us."

"You are not over 15 unless you watch this film."

"If we take a good decision it is good it will be good and it should be good."

"He is roaming around without proper adress and food."

"They buy the expenditure." / "They seller the income."

"Students responsibility on for their own laundry must be responsible."

During the week we did take a couple of half day breaks and decided to avail ourselves of the views to be had from the mountains that surround us and fly some prayer flags for a friend's departed grandmother. So I will close with the visual splendour of those calm creating images.

The location about 45 minute-walk from our home 

Ian tying the flags in place.

Us red in the face from the climb up there but thrilled with the views.

We 3 BCFers after a job well done.

We enjoyed the experience so much the first time that we celebrated the end of the marking and the births of 2 friends' babies and on the anniversary on Ian's mother's birth, with another colourful string of flags across the foot bridge that leads to Rangjung Lower Secondary School

The second location 

Over the mountains and across the valleys.......

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