Sunday, February 13, 2011

Photo essay; our new hometown Rangjung

The steps leading up to our front door and the upper right side apartment we now live in. The building is very new but very traditional and we love it.

Ian in the living room and even connected to the internet! All of the furniture was donated by my school and we are very glad to have it and not be eating cross-legged on the floor as we are told many Bhutanese do. My knees would not like that at all.

The monastery we can see from our front door. This is the landmark of the town and the one thing that enabled us to locate Rangjung on google maps before we began this adventure.

The view from our bedroom window. We can hear the river flowing and wonder just how loud it will get by the time the monsoon begins.

Shopping for vegetables in the main street. One of the many "general store cum bars" that sell largely the same items and have school aged children behind the counters. No doubt many of them will turn up in our classes over the next couple of weeks.

Locals shopping on Saturday afternoon.

 Some of the family of monkeys we saw playing and grooming each other in the Rangjung Higher Secondary School grounds. The younger mother and her baby were quick to escape the camera lens.

Rangjung Lower Secondary School where Ian is taking Class IV and Class VIII English classes starting this week. It caters for PP to Grade VIII and is a small but beautifully positioned with a playing field and a family of Common Kestrels that we have observed from our balcony and the school grounds.

Our new home viewed from Ian's school. It is perfectly placed between the 2 schools and close to the main streets despite the apparent isolation. We hear the roar of the river and witness the comings and goings of the monks and nuns from the monastery on a daily basis.

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