Thursday, February 3, 2011

Heading out east.

We have now finished orientation and today we head out east to our postings. We have been warmly welcomed and treated to some incredible experiences over the past 2 weeks. We have been given lectures introducing the education system, the special aspects of democracy and the basics of Buddhism and now feel that many aspects of Bhutanese culture are now much more familiar to us. Both the Minister for Home and Cultural Affairs and the Education Minister made the time to receive us and spoke eloquently about their visions for Bhutan and their passions for developing the education system. Their deep concern for the youth of the country and their clear perspective on the role we will all play was both impressive and inspirational. Many other topics have also been presented to us and we have been able to pose questions and discuss our ideas and concerns with experts. Now we are eager to see the reality and get to the teaching aspect of our time here.
We have had a couple of introductory language lessons in both Dzongkha and Sharchop as well as cooking lessons to help prepare us for our new lives.
On a more personal level we have bought everything we imagine we will need for our new homes and a great deal more. By far the most exciting purchases being the national dress that we are both proud and honoured to wear. Now we begin the adventure of travelling across the country to get to our postings.

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