Tuesday, February 28, 2017

oNe PhOtO a DaY FeBrUArY 2017


WEDNESDAY 1st A STREET: One of our tasks while we are home is to downsize our possessions and move those we intend to keep to a smaller storage unit. This was happening on a street in suburbia this morning. Dealing with our stuff in the "lock up" as we like to call it

THURSDAY 2nd LIGHT: Just one of the lovely things about staying in Glenelg is the nightly light show. Stunning beach sunsets and intense colours

FRIDAY 3rd HAPPY: to be home, happy to be spending time with family and happy to think that our presence would be reason enough to open a bottle of Mo√ęt

SATURDAY 4th MIX: This salad was a mix of roasted, raw and blanched veggies and something I often ate for lunch in Bhutan (without the feta) I enjoyed adding it to the mix of dishes provided tonight at Dallas and Dave's house. We all provided dishes and it was sensational

SUNDAY 5th MORNING SKY: Looking south from the back door of this apartment in Glenelg the morning sky created a foreboding atmosphere and the unseasonal summer rain commenced shortly after

MONDAY 6th CORNER: This Japanese Step Chest or 'tansu' can only be placed in a corner in this exact direction as the two sides, which can't be seen, are unfinished. This shot is our living room from seven years ago. Today it went into a new smaller storage unit in the corner as the first item around which, to pack the boxes (see the picture below)

TUESDAY 7th FASHION: Two things that never go out of fashion- a good sun hat and a polarised pair of sunglasses especially when you live near the sea. My 20-year old sun hat and the sunnies I bought 1 hour ago. The old ones are now 10 years old but will remain as my cycling glasses. Travelling light and feeling free
PS from this you may well assume that I’m not very into fashion and actually loath clothes shopping!!

WEDNESDAY 8th FACELESS PORTRAIT: at Adelaide's iconic balls in the mall

THURSDAY 9th TREAT:36°and  sunny here today. The best treat I can think of is gelato - lime and raspberry flavours

FRIDAY 10th THE VIEW FROM HERE: is delicious as far as the eye can see. We take every opportunity to visit Adelaide Central Market when we are home and always love it. Still my all time favourite market

SATURDAY 11th WORDS: This is just one of many hundreds of postcards I have stumbled across since we started on the task of reducing our possessions. I can't read any of the words except Moissac and that is enough to tell me where I bought it and many memories of France filter back to me despite it being over a decade ago

SUNDAY 12th PATERN: This could be an animal print or feather but it is actually the leaf of a prayer plant in Adelaide Botanical Gardens. The ever- repeating patterns of nature

MONDAY 13th FLAT LAY: The current state of my carry on hand luggage in flat lay looks like this. That's just about maximum weight already. Technology will be my undoing but how could I live without it

TUESDAY 14th HEART: Happy Valentine's Day to my best friend, husband, partner in adventure, co-traveller, soul mate and companion cook. The man who stole my heart 34 years ago

WEDNESDAY 15th BRIGHT: I had this prompt in my head all day when we were wandering around in the city but didn't spot anything. Then we got out of the tram in Glenelg and instantly saw this cyclist's socks. After complimenting him on them I asked to take a photo!! The things we do for PAD

THURSDAY 16th FROM WHERE I STAND: My dear friend Jenny standing with her contributions to the Bouquet Exhibition at Gallery Yampu. She looks fabulous from where I stand

FRIDAY 17th SPORT: The only sport I have ever really persisted with is swimming. This is an archive shot from our favorite hotel in Bangkok taken by Ian

SATURDAY 18th HABIT: The habit I always revert to in Australia is drinking the delicious Aussie wine

SUNDAY 19th INVENTION: This collapsible coffee banet is the best invention ever for someone like me with a serious coffee habit. We take it and the stainless steel cup with us everywhere so we can make REAL coffee wherever we are

MONDAY 20th BOOKS: These are just a few of the books in this beautiful Art Deco apartment where we are staying. They perfectly match the restored decor, character and charm of the place. Beautifully styled and presented thanks Miss Jane

TUESDAY 21st LINES: the lines of the horizon and shadows and pylons of Largs Bay Jetty in the morning. Taking every opportunity to enjoy the beach

WEDNESDAY 22nd ON THE SHELF: the miniature copies of the Chrysler Building and The Empire State Building on the shelf in the kitchen at Retten Building Glenelg

THURSDAY 23rd DRIP: The final drips of water falling from the "deer scarer" in Himeji Gardens today 

FRIDAY 24th TREASURE: The true treasures in our lives are the friends and family who bring us joy and bless us. These are a few of the Adelaide people who fit that category in my life

SATURDAY 25th GRASS: It's the beginning of the autumn here in Australia and the grass is pretty dried out. I took this from the train yesterday and that vista still signals "the green, green grass of home" to my eyes

SUNDAY 26th ARTSY: The graffiti and street art lanes of Melbourne contain many images that are very artsy. This mixed media one incorporating newspaper took my fancy in Hosier Lane near Federation Square

MONDAY 27th NEW: Anyone who knows me knows I love orange and although my birthday is still several weeks away, at a surprise birthday party on Saturday night Vinola gave me this gorgeous maxi dress. I particularly like the detail in the bodice. Now I just have to find the right occasion to wear it. The final addition to my suitcase

TUESDAY 28th EVENING SKY: Taken about a week ago on Glenelg beach at twilight. This evening sky epitomizes summer for me. A sweet and fitting ending to our brief time in Oz

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