Friday, April 1, 2016

oNe PhOtO a DaY: MaRcH 2016:


TUESDAY 1st GREEN: is just about my least favourite colour but the green of nature and a prayer flag will always lift my mood

WEDNESDAY 2ND GOOD: friends, good conversation, good times and a great way to end the day

THURSDAY 3RD ART: This art hangs on the wall of our living room in Thimphu and is rather typical of non-religious Bhutanese scrolls and I love it dearly because it was an unexpected gift from a former student

FRIDAY 4TH THE WEATHER:  today was grey and gloomy with enough wind to flap the flags

SATURDAY 5TH SQUARE: Clock Tower Square Thimphu looking surreal after an out of season, unusually heavy downpour in the current cold snap. There is even fresh snow on the distant peaks...... come on Spring

SUNDAY 6TH NEUTRALS: These once rainbow coloured prayer flags have faded to neutral as the wind and weather sends their prayers to the gods

MONDAY 7TH HELLO: newbies (PPs) Welcome to Druk School and the beginning of your educational experience

TUESDAY 8TH MAKING: School is in full swing now and the constant pile of books to be corrected is making me extremely busy and slightly crazy!!! I have even taken to rushing lunch to squeeze a few more books in before the bell rings

WEDNESDAY 9TH EVERYDAY: or at least every school day, these students along with the entire rest of the school cohort, lay out their cloths, unpack their tiffins and chant their prayers before eating their lunches in their classrooms, often sharing what they have with each other and me too on Wednesdays when eat with them

THURSDAY 10TH COLLECTION: I have a small collection of shells, which I started collecting at Glenelg, to remind me of the ocean which I love, while I live here in landlocked Bhutan. I add to it each time I swim or visit another coastal location. The latest additions were from China Beach Vietnam. Coincidentally the Buddha was from our first trip to Vietnam and I love its serene expression

FRIDAY 11TH CLOUDS: After a foggy start to the day and walk to school, this was the visa above morning assembly. Those clouds made me smile and remember Spring is here and the cold is on the way out

SATURDAY 12TH ABSTRACT: this is part of the abstract design on the cover of the adult colouring book I bought myself but haven't really had much time to engage in as yet. I love the idea of it being as good as meditating and have only just started working on the test page

SATURDAY 12TH ABSTRACT 2: Having already posted the one above to PAD I found this accidently and unknowingly taken on my phone. I can recognize it but its still abstract and I actually love it

SUNDAY 13TH THIS IS FUNNY: Someone's shoes drying in the winter sun. It struck me as funny that they look like they are climbing the makeshift ladder. Spotted it out walking this afternoon

MONDAY 14TH PEOPLE: The most determined effort of the PP (pre- primary or kindergarten) students marching off after morning assembly today. The little people trying their very best

TUESDAY 15TH GIFT: Literacy is the gift that lasts a lifetime. I saw this beautiful scene this morning at school before the lessons began and it made me proud to be a teacher. May they carry their love of reading within them throughout their lives

WEDNESDAY 16th FRUIT: Healthy balanced lunches include a serve of fruit. Thanks to Ian for contributing half the shots so that both Druk and Deki Schools are represented. Yes, 3 grapes is a serve for a 6 year old

THURSDAY 17TH THROW IT: "Rimdro" (School Purification Ritual) today so the students were largely free to amuse themselves. These boys would play basketball 24 hours if anyone let them and formal traditional dress is certainly no obstacle. Just throw it Thinley.....

FRIDAY 18TH BIG & SMALL: This is our new Australian colleague at Druk with one of the latecomers at assembly this morning. It looked just like big and small to me

SATURDAY 19TH COOKING: After an early morning start due to the Family Fun Walk and cleaning up campaign with my school today, I rushed home to do some cooking. Next week is my birthday and as is the custom here I want to have treats to distribute on the day

SUNDAY 20th MOVEMENT: The hoop of the skirt and the flying sleeves and scarves indicate the movement of this Black Hat dancer at the Paro Tshechu today

MONDAY 21ST THIS IS NEW: Well these actually. A former student’s family gave these 2 bags to us on Saturday night. Certainly nothing in our place is as new to us at least. Showcasing Bhutanese handicrafts and hospitality and generosity

TUESDAY 22ND VEGETABLE: Fresh mushrooms are just about the top of my list of vegetables

WEDNESDAY 23RD A FAVOURITE: A good Aussie wine is certainly a favourite tipple of mine, but it isn't so easy to come by in these parts. This is only the second bottle we have opened this year and that was yesterday for my birthday and it even lasted 2 nights!! It's absolutely empty now

THURSDAY 24TH HANDS: This is an archive shot but also a favourite and exactly what I wanted to capture hands doing today for this prompt. A young novice monk showing concern or even worry on his face but dedication with his hands in the lotus bud position for prayers in the monastery in Rangjung

FRIDAY 25TH TOY:  With just one orange rubber ball and a collection of stones these girls were having a delightful time at lunch break at school today

SATURDAY 26TH MINIMAL: This tiny Buddha (the size of the first joint of my thumb) is a minimal decoration that has travelled through 12 countries with me and always makes me feel like I've stared to build a home when we resettle in a new environment and job. Minimalistic decor with sentiment Thanks to Dallas Dunn

SUNDAY 27TH FLYING: Predictably enough in Bhutan prayer flags flying in the wind

MONDAY 28TH HAPPINESS: is laughing your head off at the antics of the atsaras or comic roles at the Paro Tshechu 

TUESDAY 29TH NIGHT LIGHTS: The one time view from our living room balcony in Thimphu was the night-lights of Chang Gangkha Temple. The new construction has now blocked this view of it but we still get to see it from other windows in the apartment  

WEDNESDAY 30TH BUDDIES: my best buddy from Druk School last year and even though she resigned we are still buddies now and had a coffee date today after school

THURSDAY 31ST HALF: a lime in our place can only mean one thing - Vodka and Tonics. Thanks for the impetus PAD

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