Sunday, August 30, 2015

oNe PhOtO a DaY: August

wEeK oNe AuGuSt 2015


MONDAY 3rd WORDS: I have a fascination and love of words including reading, quotes and games despite being a poor speller and this is my latest purchase. We haven't got to play it here yet but we did with friend in Melbourne at the beginning of the year and it was so much fun I have wanted to get one and play it ever since.

TUESDAY 4TH ON THE SHELF: This lucky little ladybug came all the way from Italy via Australia to sit in the shelf in our apartment in Bhutan.  It’s actually a key ring but I love its smiling face so much I prefer to see it where it sits. Thanks Jane xx

WEDNESDAY 5TH SOMETHING PURPLE: Given that purple is just about my least favourite colour, I struggled with this one until I remembered the flash cards we bought for Ian to teach his PP classes and the quilt cover I usually conceal beneath a much more favourable orange sheet.

 THURSDAY 6TH WHAT I WISH FOR: is peace. On this day more than any other as it is the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. Nothing more epitomizes the need to eliminate nuclear weapons from the world, than this one city at least in my mind. Having spent 8 years there I know this is a wish that will be on the lips of many today. No More Hiroshimas! May peace prevail on earth!

FRIDAY 7TH QUIRKY: Perhaps the quirkiest thing about Bhutanese culture is the 'khabney’ or ceremonial white scarf the males all wear. There are so many situations, in which it is required and so many different ways in which it must be arranged for different purposes and none of them are conventional.

SATURDAY 8TH DOOR: The open door to the main hall of Zangdo Pelri Lhakang in downtown Thimphu 

SUNDAY 9TH PERFECT: Rosemary roasted vegetables. The perfect vegetarian treat for Sunday night dinner Yum Yum Yum

wEeK tWo AuGuSt 2015


MONDAY 10th IN MY HAND: The legacy of living in China and Japan for 13 years is that I still eat almost all meals with chopsticks and I like that you can use them with only one hand. Therefore most times when I’m eating I have chopsticks in my hand

TUESDAY 11TH TECHNOLOGY:  The technology to back up our lives. I actually wonder if I could ever extract what I wanted from these if I needed to and I feel glad I've never had to. Would I really miss half of but if it disappeared anyway?

WEDNESDAY 12TH CENTRE: The garden at school is in full bloom and the dahlias are particularly stunning at the moment. Many of them have bees buzzing around and supping from the centre of the blooms

THURSDAY 13th SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL: Sometimes nothing can be more beautiful than words. This is something beautiful from a gorgeous collection of proverbs called “The Bhutanese Guide to Happiness” I also think the endless knot is something very beautiful and my favourite of the 8 auspicious symbols of Buddhism

FRIDAY 14TH 8 O’CLOCK: At 8 o'clock this morning I was busy putting the finish touches on my Professional Reading notice board school even though I really just wanted to get stuck into correcting and marking the class 6 exam paper

SATURDAY 15TH NEWS: Not a lot of news arrives from the outside world here but both of these came today by a postal service that I still fail to understand though I certainly recognize the kindly individual who delivered them to my desk 

SUNDAY 16TH SHADOW: The ghostly shadows of the construction workers hand pouring concrete by the shovel load into the night. Taken from our balcony as there hasn't been enough sun to cast a shadow all day

wEeK tHrEe AuGuSt 2015


MONDAY 17th INSIDE: Tshechu is the most colourful and vibrant festival in Bhutan and for me at least the masked dances are the real highlight. I still love however that on occasion you get a glimpse of the monk inside the mask

TUESDAY 18th A LOGO: This simplistic logo is printed on a coaster, which is the background image and the cutout is a business card. It reminds me of one of the auspicious Buddhist symbols.  It is for Madame Hanoi a relatively new French Vietnamese espresso bar and bistro in Adelaide we have spent some lovely evenings with a couple of good friends and now delight in using the coasters here in Bhutan.

WEDNESDAY 19th HAT: This hat came as a freebie at the Tour Down Under Cycling event in Adelaide earlier this year. It is definitely my colour. I still have it, still wear it, still love it.

THURSDAY 20th SURPRISE: the Changangkha Temple, which we can easily see from our balcony (until the neighbouring construction is compete that is!) was lit up and looking resplendent for the first time since we have lived here this week.

FRIDAY 21ST “M” IS FOR……: mask. This one is the garuda and one of the set of four masks hanging in our living room. The Garuda is Lord Vishnu’s mount in Hinduism and also features heavily in Buddhist iconography

SATURDAY 22ND PATH:  A path like many others in Bhutan, just off the road, marked by prayer flags and with a dog leading you along.

SUNDAY 23RD LIGHTING: The Buddhist Tradition of lighting butter lamps means every temple and many chortens have rooms of flickering butter lamps. This was in the Memorial Chorten in central Thimphu today

wEeK FoUr AuGuSt 2015


MONDAY 24th ON MY DESK: this morning just the usual: lesson plan books, textbooks, my coffee cup and my timetable and calendar to keep track of all the deadlines and due dates.

TUESDAY 25TH TWO THINGS: Stumped so I went for chalk and cheese

WEDNESDAY 26TH CHARMING:  Sometimes there is a magical charming quality to the way the light and clouds play on the mountains at twilight

THURSDAY 27TH COMMUNICATE: Sometimes I just love to communicate the good old fashion way with a beautiful card sent snail mail. I even have customised stamps with our images on them. There is real joy in a message written by hand with love and for that reason I have a collection of cards at home and at the ready.

FRIDAY 28TH DAILY LIFE: I work with these kids everyday and this is one boy who rarely stays on task or gives of his best but I've been trying a new strategy with him for the last few weeks and with most of the class out in concert practice our one on one time really increased and he really gave his all today. So much of my daily life revolves around kids and this was a precious moment today.

SATURDAY 29TH HANDWRITING: I've never liked my handwriting but one of the great joys of teaching myself Chinese was learning to write characters. Even though I still write like a primary child and despite years of practice writing on box paper I still can't make them uniform in size or in a straight line,  but I do love to write this particular Chinese blessing.

SUNDAY 30TH I DO THIS ON WEEKENDS: Baking! Weekends are just about the only time I can bake

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