Monday, December 9, 2013

“World Heritage Core Zone” GEORGETOWN- a photo essay part II

OK this is bordering on an obsession now!

“Campbell Street is Penang’s Fifth Ave, a retail paradise where shoppers can stroll along the row of shophouses and feast their eyes on an array of goods.”

“Yeoh Kangel was established in 1835 to look after the welfare of the many Yeoh clan members”

“In the 1800’s shops and godowns on Victoria Street were built at the seafront.”

“In the days when your money could be as big as a bullock wheel, this was a popular rest stop for the limousines of the time.”

“One tall double shot decaf espresso.” 

Probably the most reproduced and photographed piece of street art in Georgetown!

“This was the place to go for Chinese books, stationery, coffins, and paper effigies. All the pleasure of the material world can be reproduced in paper and burnt as gifts for the hereafter.”

“Not only were hapless cows bred and slaughtered here, but you could also smell the fish hung out to dry.”

“in the 20th century the slightly risqué reputation of this area was further enhanced by the presence of Japanese camera shops, which were suspected of covert spying activities.”

“Five Foot way were meant to protect pedestrians from the hot tropical sun and rain. With the influx of immigrants work increasingly became hard to find. Many of the old and unemployed thus began using these corridors to set up small businesses instead. The hokkiens began calling these ‘gohkaki’ or ‘five foot way’ trades.” / “ Customers call me Mr. Goh Kah Kee”

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