Monday, July 1, 2013

oNe PhOtO a DaY fOr JuNe


1B IS FOR ….. blooms at the entrance to Katja’s house as we leave Tz

2 A MOMENT  -actually THE moment yesterday when we left Tanzania- today has been all in airports and planes!

3 ON MY TABLE: a feast at Khun Churn veggo restaurant BKK

4 AFTER DARK: Traffic on Sukhumvit Road Bangkok

5 ENVIRONMENT: A perfect environment for a relaxing mood adjusting holiday

6 TRANSPORT: The ubiquitous BKK transport – the tuk tuk

7 BRIGHT: Water lilies with the bright morning light behind them in Jim Thompson’s House Museum

8 AN ANIMAL: an elephant made of orchids in the Paragon Shopping Mall

9 FROM DOWN LOW: Looking up at the delicious noodle options at a street stall in Kao San Road

10 YOU: Me - always in my element when I am in the water! (Taken by my hubby a couple of days ago, trying to restore my self-confidence)

11 SOMETHING FUNNY: Towel Origami – Thai style hospitality

12 11 O’CLOCK: at exactly 11am we were at this fruit stall buying a healthy delicious assortment of fruit for our picnic style lunch after a 10km walk

13 KITCHEN: The last 4 kitchens we have lived with and lovingly cooked up a storm for family and friends every available opportunity 1 the narrow galley kitchen in our home in Adelaide, 2 our basic but functional kitchen in Bhutan for 2 years, 3 The makeshift kitchen with no kitchen sink, set up on trestle tables in Thailand for 6 months and 4 the utilitarian, crowded and perfectly practical Tanzanian version. (None taken today –all from archives)

13 KITCHEN (Mark 2): Local Thai style mobile kitchen selling Pad Thai, of course in the port at Thongsala- this is the shot I wanted to take yesterday but I didn’t see any of these ingenious mobile motorcycle kitchens

14 TEXTURE: Close up of a coconut palm growing in the beach in Koh Pha Ngan

15 FROM ABOVE: the beautiful clothes, scarves, bags and textiles I bought home from Bhutan laid out for girlfriends to select and wear to high tea just after we got home. I loved wearing them and hope to do so again. (not taken today)

16 FAMILY: the most important member of my family- my partner, best friend and soul mate

17 CENTRED: perfectly centred in the middle of the performing area and mid air leaping at the Tsechu in the Tashigang Dzong (taken Dec 2012 & one of my favourite shots of Bhutan)

18 STREET: the only street in Haad Salad

19 CURRENTLY READING: mostly menus and guide books

20 CUTE: cute images and sculptures of turtles abound on Koh Tao as “tao” means turtle in Thai

21 LUNCHTIME: typical Thai lunch: cheap, fresh, tasty, authentic and convenient

22 ENJOYING LIFE: on the beach at 7am in Koh Tao before the sun is too intense

23 LAST: last glimpses of Koh Tao on our last night on the island

24 NEGATIVE SPACE: on the deck of the ferry port my hands and shadow

25 SHARP: sharp, dangerous and readily available on a street stall in Bangkok

26 EMPTY: Its rare to see the footpaths empty and the streets stalls all packed up in downtown Bangkok

27 INTO THE SUN: early morning cityscape Bangkok

28 RED: rambutans on a street stall in Yangon

29 IN MY BAG: travel essentials always with me –there s also sunblock but it can’t be seen. This handbag by the way is the best investment I have ever made. It can be worn 3 different ways and as long as you don’t put more than 7kgs inside, it cannot damage your neck, back or shoulders. Designed by a chiropractor!!!

30 HANDWRITING: My own rather childish Chinese handwriting of my favourite Chinese character on a background of the script used in Myanmar. The character means prosperity, luck or happiness depending on the context

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