Tuesday, April 2, 2013

oNe PhOtO a DaY fOr MaRcH

The prompts for the month!

1. L IS FOR …… legs using the public transport today at the Rundle Mall stop at peak hour in Adelaide.

2. I MADE THIS: spicy lotus root salad today.

3 KEY : My keys to the house we own and the possessions we have in storage in our hometown where we rarely are but were today.

4 LUCKY: a few of the lucky letters/ charms /symbols I wear because I believe they bring me luck.

5 UNDER: a London Plane tree in Adelaide Botanical Gardens

6 CHAIR: the dentist’s chair always induces fear and loathing.

7 FEAR: We are currently living in fear that this huge pile of luggage is going to exceed our allowance when we fly on Sunday.

8 FAVOURITE: My favourite place in my hometown and my favourite market in the world- Adelaide Central Market.

9 FACELESS SELF PORTRAIT: at WOMADelaide and preparing to go!

10 I WANT : We so want to see this mountain of luggage when the journey we started today ends in Africa.

11 IMORTANT: - It is important to me to lead the life I want to lead and be the change I want to see in the world. (photo not taken today but in LA in Jan 2013)

12 IN THE DISTANCE: Africa is still in the distance for us. As we look at the view from our hotel room in Bangkok today we find it hard to believe that tomorrow we will be in Tanzania.

13 SOUND: sitting in Nairobi Airport, I heard the sounds of so many different languages, few of which I could identify.

14 TASTY: Our first tasty trip to the wonderful Monduli Thursday Market this morning.

15 EXPLORE: After being caught in the monsoon rains on my first exploration of the route between school and home.

16 9 O’CLOCK: The scene on the local bus to Arusha at 9 o’clock.

17 GREEN: One of the exquisite green kanga patterns from the market today.

18 SHOES: standard Maasai footwear- made from motorcycle tyres of course.

19 A SIGN: on the kitchen wall of Orkeeswa Secondary School and one of the first things I noticed when we arrived there exactly a week ago. Inspirational!

20 CLEAN: the things we currently use to keep clean with bucket baths.

21 WORKING: in the kitchen at Orkeeswa Secondary School

22 ABOUT YOU: My birthday March 22nd celebrated in our new school in Tanzania.

23 WHAT YOU DO FOR FUN: Visit the markets and try to interact with the locals.

24 UP: The slaughtered and butchered goats all standing up being roasted Maasai style around an open fire at The Orkeeswa staff farewell celebration for Seth and Lisa.

25 IN YOUR DRAWER: the text books, my iPad with the answer sheet and the things I need to mark my exams in a drawer at school.

26 SOMETHING YOU DID: drew up the seating plans for my classes so I can learn all their names faster.

27 PAIR: Beans and corn grown locally as a paired crop

28 IN THE MIRROR: reflected in the mirror finish of an unfinished house in the town of Monduli- no mirrors to speak of at home!

29 GOODNIGHT: “ Goodnight Michael” The night watchman who sits outside our front door every night providing us with security and safety – but from what I am not quite sure.

30 RELAX: Time to relax with a couple of Killis!

31 STUFF: just some of the stuff we regularly see being carried on heads.

Seeing the photos all together like this has made me realise what a huge change has occurred in or lives in the last month. Finally some photos of Tanzania have made it out due to the improved Internet available in the big smoke of Arusha.  

Please feel free to comment on favourites or impressions!


  1. Me too with all the buckets...good to know there are some things you can always count on! :-) Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I love this post! Thanks for posting the Tz photos - they make me feel so nostalgic, even for a bucket bath. Too many comments to make in this space. I will say this - a few of those painted hand prints belong to Scott's mother (she was visiting at the time) and yours truly. Looks like you both are settling into Orkeeswa and Monduli just fine. One more comment - don't you love the kangas? How I wish I had bought more... ~lisa

  3. Hi Vicky, lovely to see your photos spanning the journey from home to Tanzania, it really shows the contrast and where you have been in a month. I love them all, especially the ones of your new home in Africa - the colours and vibrancy so different to here.

  4. Love the pics....so glad you got to share. Hope you are adjusting to yet another totally different school, culture, and people. You two are amazing! Julia