Monday, March 11, 2013

Africa on the horizon

I am a worrier!

I can help it or explain it. Given that I am organized, prepared, efficient and methodical I would expect to have nothing at all to worry about but somehow I always end up worrying and then finally wondering why. That is just me.

Despite having tried everything possible to convince myself to be positive and knowing full well that we are really good at starting again and facing the challenges of a new beginning in a new environment, as we are about to launch into the great unknown, I am feeling a little nervous, a little anxious and a lot excited about the next chapter in our lives.

We are unsure of exactly how to accomplish the transfer from Nairobi to Kilimanjaro but we know we are ticketed and have all the details it is possible to arms oneself with prior to arrival.

There is nothing for it now, except to let the adventure begin and go where it takes us.

Nothing too bad has ever happened in the past so we just have to have faith and continue in the same spirit. Once we are able to connect to the net again we will again update!

Bon voyage to us!


  1. I tried to comment on your blog but it wont allow me to so ill post it here.

    Far from being a worrier Vicky, I think you are a WARRIOR. You are an amazing woman.

    The diverse cultures you seamlessly adapt to, the extraordinary things you've done, the incredible people you've met, the breath taking places you've seen and the gorgeous kids you've taught - I can't imagine either of you having many regrets in this life time!

    This will be another amazing adventure I'm sure, just as rewarding and interesting but I'm hoping somewhat easier domestically.

    Take care, safe journey.

    My love to you both. Lisa x

  2. Mam and Sir,

    hope you can do well......