Monday, October 15, 2012

RLSS Annual Variety Show

The Annual Rangjung Lower Secondary School Variety Show was performed over three nights from the12th to the 14th of October 2012.
The audiences were impressed by the enthusiasm of the young dancers, the dedication they showed and the support of their teachers and helpers.
Culture is a huge part of life here in Bhutan. The country is walking a fine line between material development for her people and maintaining its age-old traditions.
Many of the items on our playlist were of a traditional nature while others were set to modern foreign music or songs.

The younger students are always a hit and this year was no exception. Class III performed a very moving patriotic song complete with National Flags and a live vocal accompaniment by their Class teacher, Madam Kezang. Her hauntingly beautiful voice provided the perfect foil to the energetic 8 year olds as they waved, swayed, stomped and chanted.

The PP students routinely steal the show and this year was no exception.

Our school’s Cultural Club delighted audiences night after night with their well-developed routines, disciplined and professional execution and obvious delight in showcasing their skills.

The welcome dance or ‘Joenpa Lekso’ had the singers off stage providing the vocal back up to the dancers' well-practiced moves.

Below is a picture of their rendition of the very traditional Zhungdra dance in which all the dancers sway slowly and rhythmically in a sort of hypnotic trance dance.

Each class level had their own special cultural assignment and many of them also chose to do a special item that they worked out amongst themselves utilising all those life skills we have been learning and discussing this year.
The ‘Thunder Boys’ from class VIII strutting their stuff in a very modern dance.

Not to be outdone, the class VIII girls performed their own modern number.

One solo song by our own ‘singing cowboy’ Pema Wangdi, had the audiences clapping along and cheering. 

A duet by two class VIII students, Dendup Zangmo and her co singer Pempa Wangdi almost brought tears to many eyes.

A Hindi dance by class VII girls transported us all to the set of a Bollywood movie; they must have spent many hours carefully analysing their favourite dancers’ moves.

What was one of my my favourite items of the show was a Nepali number with the almost unpronounceable title, ‘Resampheriri’. It was a fun dance with Bollywoodesque moves very well done by the class VIII girls.

The staff also performed one item, a traditional Bhutanese dance that they can do as easy as falling off a mountainside… I was asked/told/invited/instructed to join in with them. We held several practices and despite Madam Tshering’s best efforts I was still at something of a loss as to what to do most of the time… I followed along as best I could much to the enjoyment/amusement of the audiences.
Below is the photographic evidence of what was most likely my one and only serendipitous moment of synchronicity!!!! 

There is, of course, ample evidence of my distinct lack of coordination and inability to remember what must be the easiest set of dance steps in the eastern Himalayas, but it was all good fun!

Class V did a great colour coded traditional number and carried it off with aplomb.

 Class IV kept the pace hot giving us all a taste of Saturday Night Fever with their disco number.

 Class II performing under the watchful eye of their class teacher Mr. Sangay Penjor.

 Of course not every one can be a star and there was a host of behind the scenes assistance. The cooking team deserves a special mention as they set about turning piles of cabbages, oodles of onions, fresh greens, chillies and a huge 45 kg bag of flour into delectable eatables every night.

Momo production in full swing.

Q. What Bhutanese food does not have chillies?
A. None!
Here we have the ingredients for a delicious snack called chilli chops, deep fried batter coated chilli, yum yum!!!

No sign of nerves here as bigger kids help the little ones get ready for the final performance held at the Rangjung Institute of Electrical Engineering.

I am sorry to all those performers and helpers I have missed here. Rest assured you will all live on in the memories of those who were lucky enough to see the show!!! 

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