Friday, April 27, 2012

The greatest gift is a smile

This week has had me once again trying to firmly fix my focus on my students and let the rest slide.

In a perhaps futile attempt to prevent them from spending their limited cash on me, I started some time ago to write a poem to them. It is still not a masterpiece by any means but I have distributed it with the latest of our class photos to each of them. They received both the photo and the poem under one condition, to which they agreed. It was that they grant me the wish of not buying a gift but only offering their smiles to me on Teachers' Day. It will be celebrated on May 2nd across the nation. I am not sure that I can trust them on this promise but I have given it my best shot and am hoping for the best. As they would say "It goes like this...."

The greatest gift is a smile 

Pema Yeshi’s smile appears often and effortlessly, radiating on his lips and in his eyes,
Ugyen Rinchen’s rare smile conceals a question lying within that is dying to be asked,

Dupchu’s private smile doesn’t show its face unless something exceptional has occurred,
Yeshi Lhaden laughs and smiles with gay abandon knowing the joy it brings,

Thinley Dorji has a heart that wants to smile but concerted effort seldom lets it,
Yeshi Dorji readily smiles and exudes genuine goodwill and concern for others,

Kinzang Gyeltshen smiles with his heart on his sleeve and his apprehension disappears,
Wangda Gyeltshen’s quiet, confident smile tells us all he is secure and trustworthy,

Lhendup Gyeltshen smiles with his whole heart exposing his own vulnerability,
Thinley Yangzom smiles more than almost anyone and projects optimism and joy,

Tshering Choki’s smile dances briefly on her lips: it is fleeting, joyful and shared with reservation,
Tshering Gelytshen has the confident smile of someone who knows how charming it makes him look,

Kinzang Choden’s shy, silent smile almost never stays for long but it comes from deep within,
Yeshi Choden doesn’t even realize the delight others take in her contented, tranquil smile,

Kinga Chophel has a generous, giving smile that publicizes his hard work,
Cheki Yangden has the bright childish smile of a well-loved newcomer and family favorite,

Sampa Dendup’s rare smile shines with serene spirituality and inner peace,
Tshoda Wangchuk has a cheeky smile and a sense of defiance to match,

Jinpa Lhamo’s mature smile appears when unexpectedly recognised or complimented,
Karma Dema surprises herself with radiant smiles and light heartedness, amid adversity,

Cheki Gyeltshen has the thoughtful and contemplative smile of a philosopher,
Rinchen Dorji’s smiles flicker without warning and embody true happiness and a sense fun,

Ugyen Lhamo laughs and smiles quickly and easily, infecting others with her delight,
Kinzang Pelmo smiles and accepts every challenge with determination and good cheer,

Karma Tenzin’s smile has that “up to no good” look but there’s more behind it than that,
Passang Dorji knows his smile will melt hearts and win people over but it evaporates quickly,

Sangay Dema’s smile is graceful and reflects her undaunted spirit of adventure,
Tashi’s all round good guy sincerity and commitment are exposed in his easy smile,

Sonam Dema smiles with every part of her being and shares her joy with others,
Ugyen Dema smiles with heart breaking beauty and playful innocence,

Pema Yangzom has a smile of acceptance and perseverance motivating us to try our best,
Yangjay Dema’s smiles hide her doubts and lift our spirits,

Dawa Dorji smiles bashfully to himself and allows us only glimpses of his joy,
Choki Dorji smiles tranquilly and accepts the responsibilities entrusted to him,

Tshewang Jurmey’s smile sends us messages of calm confidence and capability,
Sangay has the reliable and gentle smile of the quietly accomplished.

(to XC formerly known as IXC, 
with thanks to you all for the many smiles you have given me!)               
by Vicky Chartres

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  1. FYI I love the fact that almost none of them are smiling in this photo