Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bhutan inspired QUESTIONS

How many 'la's can you add to an English sentence or question, la?

Why is it that what what begins as a light shower but steadily increases to heavier and heavier rain, arouses no reaction from the assembled student body, standing in the open and in fact their rendition of the national anthem is more rousing than usual?

Is it still vandalism when what is deeply and beautifully carved into the wood of a student's desk is a Buddhist blessing?

Where ARE you going?

Why is it that one hour's notice, when you are about to lose a sizeable slab, of the all too short weekend, is considered sufficient?

What do 'bunking', 'legs paining', '6 numbers' and 'preponed' mean outside the Bhutanese context?

If all the Sonam Chodens and all the Karma Tenzins went home would the school population diminish by a) 10%, b) 15% c)  20%  or d) 25%? 

How is that GNH and 'beating nicely' can both be accommodated in the education system?

Is that why, what would have to be humiliation in any other situation, can be labelled, a "Karmic Connection"?

When is a public holiday not a holiday? or Who doesn't get the day off on Teachers' Day? Teachers of course!

Why, when they have a perfectly good currency of their own, do prices in Bhutan have to be quoted in rupees?

How many sirs or madams can you fit into just one sentence?
" Sir! What should we call sir, if we don't call sir, sir, Sir?"
"Just call me Ian."
"Yes Sir. Thank you, Sir."

Why is sending a student to another school labelled 'positive discipline"?

LSS, BHU, RCSC, ADEO,  MPH, PP, MSS, CLD, HSS, GNH, DEO, DoE are all internationally, well known abbreviations, aren't they...... or should that be isn't it?

Is it possible to forget your own name considering no-one ever uses it?

Why is it necessary for pre-primary (yep PP) students to take examinations anyway?

Do you have an 'ara' in or at hand to ponder all this?

BTW: Have you got your route permit?

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