Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Grow your own!

Here in Rangjung and I guess in many other parts of Bhutan too, people often grow their own veggies in gardens, spare patches of ground, old buckets or whatever and where ever. 
They practice self sufficiency. 
This means there is seldom any surplus to sell in the market for the likes of us who have no garden.
Vicky and I constantly bemoan the lack of fresh veggies available and greens in particular. (don't start me off...)
We have been here just over 7 months now and it's not that we have quite developed the symptoms of scurvy yet, but....

Sooooo, sprouts thinks I (in a rare moment of genius ).

Take one empty oats container or any similar sized jar.

Get some material for the top. 
This must allow water to flow in and out freely and easily. 
I used a small piece of fly wire left over from doing two of the windows. 
A piece of old t-shirt would be OK I think. 
You must be able to tie it on the top of the jar quite tightly, I used a short length of wire, string is OK too.

1. Go down to the nearest General Shop and get a packet of Chick Peas, (Chana) or Soya Beans or any beans.
2. Take one cup of the beans  and soak them for 6 to 8 hours.
3. Drain them well and leave them in the jar. Rest the jar on its side and spread the beans along its length.
4. Every morning and evening give them a rinse and drain well.
5. After about 3 days for Chick Peas, they are ready to eat!!!

Chic peas soaking on the left and ready to eat sprouts on the right, deeelish!!

Sprouts resting on their side and growing between rinses, this lot is ready for the fridge!

If you like, give them a final rinse in filtered water, drain well and they can be kept in a plastic bag in the fridge for a good few days.

You can lightly steam them or add them to your 'curry' just before serving. I eat them raw too (Dare devil thrill seeker that I am..).

Sprouts are living food choc full of nutrients too numerous to mention.

Have a go!!!

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