Monday, July 11, 2011

Some of the things we enjoy about living in Rangjung.

Falling asleep and waking up to the roar of the river that flows downstream just below our house.

Being greeted by tiny, traditionally clad, primary students who stop and bow while shouting,"Good morning Madam, " between 5 and 20 times on my way to school each morning.

Seeing the huge "OM" painted on a boulder, half way up the mountain on the other side of the river, over the heads of the students in the assembly ground during morning assemblies.

Never knowing just how hot these chillies will be.

Turning every prayer wheel I pass whether or not I have done it before.

Watching the fog dissipate to reveal the majestic mountains that surround the town.

Hearing bird calls daily and knowing some of the calls, without ever having spotted the birds that make them.

Being surrounded by paddy fields in which the rice seems to grow as you watch.

Knowing that I am "making a difference" or perhaps that should be, thinking that I am making a difference, most of the time! 

Watching old women's faces light up when they see us wearing Bhutanese national dress.

Seeing kids take a bath in the street at a public tap gigging and playing with the water.

Observing ancient farming implements being used as they have been for millennia.

Learning just a little more about the people, the culture and the myths everyday.

Delighting in adding even more cane-ware to my already extensive collection.

Knowing that any effort we make to participate in this culture will be appreciated and rewarded with smiles.

Hearing songs and laughter coming from the fields while women are doing back breaking work in the scorching sun.

Never being quite sure when the power will go out or the water supply stop flowing but feeling secure in the fact that we have candles and a garbage bin full of water in stock at all times.

Hearing long horns, cymbals, drums, trumpets and conch shell music emanating from the monastery and other local places when rituals are being held.

Coming across unexpected wildlife in any location you can name at the most unsuspecting moments.

Feeling blessed to be here doing this most of the time.

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