Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cluster Sports meet

We have been a bit quiet of late and that is not because we have been snoozing. Here In Rangjung we have very little free time and such a lot to do that we feel pressed to find the time for things we enjoy: like keeping up with this blog. This weekend I put aside the 3 half finished exam papers I am currently writing and the final set of 40 class XI reflections that I should be marking and decided that I would watch the district sports meeting being held in our school when I wasn't involved in an official capacity that is.

I certainly wasn't alone in my spectator role and Rangjung being Rangjung it was hot and sunny and we were clinging to whatever shade was available on Saturday.
When I put up my hand to run the table tennis team I didn't really understand that that would make me T/T co-ordinator at the cluster meet. In fact I wasn't in the least bit confident that I could umpire even if there were only 3 schools involved and we were stationed in a hut out near the boys toilets! The regular club members play for fun and are largely rank beginners with whom I feel very comfortable. There is a competitive element in the boys group and they lobbied immediately for not being left in the hut but relocating the table to the stage in the hall. To their credit they also did the work that that involved and found students better able to fulfil the umpire and scorer roles too. When I first discovered that this would be my responsibility, I was a little surprised to discover that last years national girls doubles runners up were out there somewhere in the school cohort. But they came forward as did other non-club members and the team selected itself as it were. The better players have emerged in the last 2 weeks and we had a frenzy of after school practices last week and the real test was yesterday.

The boys doubles team strut their stuff on the table relocated to the stage.

During the practice sessions I decided to try my hand at sports photography, but was also inevitably distracted by those who just have to have "one snap madame" and so in lieu of more descriptions  I will attempt to convey the feeling of the last 2 days with my feeble attempts at capturing the mood and highly competitive spirit of the event.

Those schools who had travelled to be at our campus were every bit as supportive of their school efforts as the Rangjung students were.

Kezang has learnt a bit of discipline and the need to have a strategy and not just slam every shot in the last 10 days and that saw him through to the next stage in the boys singles.

Despite her previous track record and stirling effort Sangay was beaten by in the girls doubles.

The boys volleyball was a huge hit with the spectators and Rinzen put all that lanky height to good use at the net.

Ever the showman Jamyang was the star spiker and these boys will get to play at the next stage too.

The Rangjung boys badminton doubles also breezed through to the next stage and Youten kept his cool while maintaining a very aggressive strategy.

Girls soccer (oops football in these parts) did't get there despite their valiant efforts and having been beaten two years running by Dungste Middle School, there will be a real battle next next year to save face and honour.

Great to see some parents out there watching the action today too.

Boys football was a sensation with 6 goals scored in the first half and the boys in green proving themselves a formidable team.

There is never any shortage of students capturing one more photo opportunity!

As for me I am hoping that the Class XI Science A group won't mind waiting a couple of extra days to get their papers back and that the glowing red face and lower arms I scored today when the conditions were overcast will fade quickly, without too many long term effects. Being an Aussie I thought I had learnt my lesson about sunburn a long time ago but Bhutan got me one more time today. Ian and I even got in a few hits this evening during evening study and when the table was safely back in its hut position and the normality of school routine had returned to RHSS.

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