Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Photo essay; district celebration of International Women's Day in Rangjung HSS

For the second time in a week Rangjung HSS was decorated with colourful flags, tents were erected, pine needles scattered and a red carpet laid out. 

The dignitaries arrived embedded in an amazingly costumed parade of flag and banner bearing Buddhist musicians and dancers and student performers from all over the district.

A cacophony of sounds heralded the arrival of our most distinguished guest the Minister of Education.

All eyes and cameras were focused on the incredible dance performance that formally opened the celebration.

And the rituals that followed

The inspirational speeches delivered highlighted the status of women in the world and in Bhutan, while focusing specifically on the achievements of the past decade in creating gender balance, providing access to education and promoting equality of opportunity as well as pointing out the hard tasks that still lay ahead.

Once the formalities were complete, the morning was dedicated to the various cultural performances that had been prepared by many of the schools within the district.

The Minister made a point of speaking to as many of the guests and students as possible and was engaging and personable in the brief exchange that I had with him. 

Gifts from the royal family were distributed to the students by him and several other dignitaries including Nancy Strickland the executive director of Bhutan Canada Foundation

The staff of RHSS did a great job logistically and on the day hosting the event.

The students all participated with enthusiasm and took on the task of serving several hundred guests with efficiency and charm and hygiene was taken seriously.

I found the sights of the day to be many and varied.

The audience most of whom were women, seemed thrilled that they had made the effort to be there.

What a day it was!!

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  1. Marvelous photo story. I'm going to get a pair of those shoes when I visit!