Saturday, January 15, 2011

The beginning of the adventure

In less than 48 hours we will leave our hometown of Adelaide South Australia to fly to Bhutan via Bangkok. We will spend this year teaching in Rangjung in eastern Bhutan and we are really looking forward to the adventure. Right now we are surrounded by luggage and making the hard decisions about what we can take and what stays behind. We are feeling nervous, excited, anxious and unsure. There are more questions than answers about our posting but we can hardly wait to get there and begin the orientation in Thimphu. It will be great to meet our fellow intrepid travellers and teachers. This is a first attempt at blogging so we hope to get better at it as the year progresses. Please join us on the adventure and post your comments.


  1. If your blog is anything like the long fascinating letters you used to write about your stints in other parts of the world, you'll have no trouble making this an interesting blog that all your friends will follow. Bon Voyage!

  2. You must be in the air right now, so I wish you a safe and easy journey! See you on the other side.

  3. Dear Vicky and Ian, how lovely to see your beaming faces once again! Not only was I disappointed to not see you, Vicky, the other day at our Glenunga reunion, but have meant for a long time to organise myself to email you. Here I am tardily sending you my very best wishes for every success and enjoyment in Bhutan. I look forward very much to following this blog and being surprised and amused as usual by your account of your adventures.
    I start at Marryatville in a few days but treasure the enduring friendships (like yours) that I have made at Glenunga.
    Take Care! Love from Corinne XX